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President Richard Schor


1927 Ahrens Fox

750 G.P.M. Pumper

Model M-S-2 Reg. No. 1742

The Ahrens Fox Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Fox went into service in 1927 when Hempstead and the City of New York purchased many of them. Hempstead used and relied on the Fox for twenty-one years. In 1948, when Middle Island Fire Department was established, the fox was one of the three second hand trucks purchased, the only one still here today.

The Fox is still in original condition from many hours of cleaning, polishing and a touch of a paint brush from time to time. As of today, the fox is still in full running and operating condition as well as pumping and drafting water. As time went by, new trucks came in and replaced most of the old, yet the Fox still attends parades and antique musters winning first place most if not all the times.

The Fox has become the pride of Middle Island and with the TLC that it has received; it shall remain in that status as long as the Middle Island Fire Department remains in service. The Fox is a vehicle we should be proud of.