Haunted Trail of Horrors – Long Island

Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York –   2017

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Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - Halloween


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Long Island Haunted Trail of Horrors

  • Friday October 20th 7:30pm – 10:00pm
    Saturday October 21st 7:30pm – 10:00pm
    Friday October 27th 7:30pm – 10:00pm
    Saturday October 28th 7:30pm – 10:00pm
    Saturday October 28th 2:00pm – 4:00pm  Kids Not So Scary Haunted Trail – Kids under 10 FREE
  • $10 Admission / Children under 5 Free
  • See the terrifying photos, more photos and videos
  • Did you make it through the Haunted Trail – Long Island last year? Please rate your experience.
  • Local merchants and residents that support the MIFD Haunted Trail of Horrors. 

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Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - Halloween

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the haunted trail open if it rains? No

How long will it take me to go through everything? About 15  to 20 minutes

Is this a haunted house? No, it is a haunted trail. You will be walking through the haunted trail with your group following the lighted path.

Is the haunted trail the same as last year? No, the haunted scares are fresh. If you came before let us know how it was.

What should I wear? Clothes

Can I bring my kids? Yes, kids under 5 are free.

Can I bring a flashlight? Please don’t. There is enough light and staff to help you get through the haunted trail safely.

Is the haunted trail  open on Halloween Night? No

Is there food at Haunted Trail of Horrors of Long Island? Yes

Are there restrooms available? Yes

Will I have nightmares after the walk? Most likely

Will the ghouls touch or grab me? No, Nobody part of the Haunted Trail will ever touch or grab you. Please do not touch or grab them.

Where is the Haunted Trail of Horrors of Long Island? Middle Island Fire Department HQ at 31 Arnold Drive. Suffolk County Long Island View Map (east of NYC)


Long Islands Scariest stroll through the haunted woods! Don’t waste your time at those  small or expensive

Long Island or NYC Haunted House.


Legend has it…

… back before the Middle Island Fire Department in Suffolk County – Long Island was built on Arnold drive, a man by the name of Nathaniel Johnson owned this land. A majority of the land was used for farming, but at the back of the property stood a large expanse of woods. It was said that a man by the name of Hilton Abelwhite lived in those woods with his son Jasper, but the members of the Johnson family never ventured there to find out. Every so often, when a chicken went missing, or some crops had been stolen from the fields, the Johnson’s just chalked it up to the Abelwhites, having to thieve in order to feed themselves when they had no money. Neither worked regularly, and in the cooler months you would often see Jasper, who was a very tall , strong man carrying his axe and wheeling around his wagon of logs. He would take them to the General Store and barter them for some necessities, but he always got his things and avoided conversation whenever possible.

Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - HalloweenOne summer, there had been a drought on Long Island and most of the crops did not survive to harvest, many of the

animals fell ill, and there was even a rash of deaths due to Cholera coming from the water that the town did have. While this didn’t affect the wealthy too much, those who didn’t have the money had to make due with what could be scavenged or stolen. Once the cooler months began, the townspeople noticed that they hadn’t seen Jasper around bartering his logs. As October came around, a horrific crime occurred on the outskirts of town. Bodies of the newly deceased had been dug up and stolen from graves at Union Cemetery.

Arms and legs could be seen strewn around the cemetery, chopped from their bodies, some with the hands and feet missing.  An investigation started, but it was going to be a hard case to solve due to the lack of clues left behind.





Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - HalloweenAs October carried on, stories started passing through town that a young women from Coram had gone missing at the end of September, as well as a teenage boy from Ridge in the second week of October.  And there had still been no sign of the Abelwhite’s anywhere. The townspeople decided to form a group of men to enter into the woods to try and find where the Abelwhite’s lived and see if there were any signs of them still being alive.  They started the search early in the morning in hopes of having as much daylight as possible, but the thickness of the woods kept everything dimly lit and shadowy. After traveling several hundred yards into the woods, the men stumble upon a small set of bones, what appeared to be the torso of a person, licked clean of all its meat. As their journey into the woods continues, the find several more sets of bones.




Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - HalloweenThey finally come upon what appears to be the Abelwhite’s camp, and they are horrified at  the bloodbath they find. There is blood streaked and splashed everywhere, covering the trees, dirt, furniture, everything in sight. On the table they see the head of the young woman from Coram, with body parts scattered about.  The boy from Ridge was spread out on a bench with his insides on top of his body, bite marks taken out of them.  They also find what appears to be an old man sitting in a chair. The men walk over to check him and with the slightest touch the body falls to pieces having been neatly chopped up and then rearranged.

Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - HalloweenThe men suddenly hear a branch snap and realize they could be in danger as well, finally grasping the fact that Jasper must be behind all this. No one had seen him in a couple of months, and he could be anywhere. They hear another snap, and they take off running for the edge of the woods before they could be seen. The men told the story of what they had found back in town, and the people decided that they would gather a larger group to go back to the Abelwhite’s camp. The next morning, the group heads back into the woods, and after searching for hours, they couldn’t find the camp or any traces of blood, body parts, or bones. It was as though the woods had been wiped clean overnight. There were no signs of the Abelwhite’s ever having lived in the woods, and the townspeople never saw or heard from Jasper again.



Some people claim that every October,on blustery nights,they can hear faint screams coming from the woods where the Abelwhite’s had their camp.  The anniversary of the deaths awaken the spirits each year and it is said that the ghosts of the girl from Coram and the boy from Ridge still haunt the woods, hoping someone will  be able to lead them out. But there have also been reports of another ghost. It is the ghost of a  tall, strong man and he is usually seen carrying an axe, patrolling the edges of the camp so the spirits can never escape….

Middle Island Haunted Trail Of Horrors Long Island, New York - Haunted Walk House - Halloween

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